About David Mathews

David Mathews is a digital entrepeneur, serial campaigner and community worker. He co-founded Crystal Approach, a Canberra software solutions company in 2004 and works with organisations such as Common Ground Canberra and NTA East Indonesia Aid to help bring about community change. He stood for Labor at the 2008 & 2012 ACT elections and in the Senate campaign in 2010.

He loves his road & mtb riding, gets his Zen from laps at Civic Pool, and in a parallel universe is a famous tv chef. He is the recent proud owner of a Manta bodyboard which he intends to put to full use off the point at Bawley.

3 thoughts on “About David Mathews

  1. ella mathews says:

    i love you dad!!!!!!!!!!! you rock sooooo much!

  2. Remy Martin says:

    Where do I start?

    Dave Mathews is an exceptional person with whom I gladly call a friend and teammate.

    I would like him even more if he was a Collingwood supporter, but you can’t have it all.



  3. Bloke in the Fruit Section says:

    I saw David Matthews at Coles Curtin on Thursday night, and he seems like a good bloke. Too funny to see him approached by Richard Mulchay, but he took it in his stride and acted like the fine and upstanding gentleman he is. My only wish was to have seen the two of them square off over a “Good day to you sir…I said GOOD DAY to you!” episode. Go David!

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