Candidate for Molonglo at the 2012 ACT Legislative Assembly election

I am very honoured to have been preselected as a candidate for ACT Labor in Molonglo at the 2012 Legislative Assembly election.

My aim is to bring fresh ideas, energy and experience to the ACT legislative assembly as part of the Labor Government’s 4th term. I advocate a future for Canberra based on innovation, integrity and inclusion.

I will campaign for:

  • Sustainable Prosperity – I am committed to continuing the work of leading Canberra towards a sustainable and prosperous future. I believe that economic growth and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive. Fostering clever and sustainable local businesses will keep ideas and talent in Canberra and create jobs for our children. Taking a long term approach to the policy decisions of today will shape a better future for Canberrans tomorrow.
  • A New Economy for Canberra – Our economy, community and environment cannot be considered in isolation. Diversifying our economy will play a key role in developing sustainable prosperity for all Canberrans. We need to continue to develop our private sector to create an expanded and vibrant economy that will enhance Canberra’s standard of living and create jobs in industry sectors such as education, information technology and tourism.
  • Social Inclusion – In life there are many transitions that that can bring crises and challenges. At these moments we need to feel that we are part of a supportive community. Social inclusion is central to my political beliefs. That is why I am on the Board of Common Ground Canberra, an organisation developing a supportive, innovative, inclusive and permanent housing model to help end homelessness and provide affordable housing in Canberra. I am also committed to ensuring there is appropriate choice and quality available in aged care housing and services while maintaining the dignity of older members of the community.

After a 25 year career in the public service and private sector, I understand the unique characteristics that drive our economy. My work with the Common Ground, CollabIT – an industry collaboration cluster, the Canberra Business Council Innovation Taskforce, Civil Liberties Australia and the Australian Republican Movement has shown me how community engagement can and does make a difference.

I look forward to listening to the needs, ideas and challenges of people within the Canberra community over the next 10 months and urge people to contact me on:

Phone: 02 6162 0062 (option 1)


Twitter: davidmmathews

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