100 Posts

Well, I’ve finally made it to 100 posts on my blog. It’s not much of an output in the scheme of things – some other bloggers probably generate that number each and every month.

In my 100th post, I thought I would share the ideas and issues that have been of most interest to readers so far.

Aside from people arriving on my home page, the post about Canberra’s suburb and street names from March 2008 has generated the most views. I suspect this is not because I have an insightful and detailed knowledge about Canberra’s origins! That is Google being kind:-)

Coming a close second is my post on the feasibility study for the Solar Power Plant in the ACT. The ACT Government is now into Stage 2 of the Solar Facility Project, having shortlisted Abengoa Solar, ActewAGL, Elementus, EMC Solar, Leighton Contractors, Meridian Energy, Rural Funds Management, Solar Shop Australia, Transfield Holdings and Wizard Power Group last December. The Department is hoping to complete the assessment of the proposals later this year, determining their viability and whether the project will proceed on to development.

Another post that has received a lot of attention is the one on solar sliver cell development at ANU. The exciting science in this area keeps moving on. Dr Kylie Catchpole’s research at ANU into light-trapping photovoltaics has recently been selected by MIT as one of the ten most important emerging technologies around the globe. Dr Catchpole has used “nanoparticles to develop solar cells that generate 30 per cent more electrical current than conventional thin-film silicon cells”.

Finally, a number of posts have looked at contentious or thought-provoking issues and ideas  – euthanasia, internet censorship, payroll tax reform, issues of ageing and social inclusion. When you look at the category cloud for the blog, the most prominent categories are Canberra, economic development, environment, health, social justice and technology.

I hope to be able to continue writing across such a wide range of areas over the next 100 posts.

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